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Event "The last flight of Yamamoto"

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"In April 1943, the command of the 13 th army USAF, on the basis of decoded Japanese radio communications developed the plan for elimination of Admiral Yamamoto, who was to follow with the inspection, according to the Solomon Islands. As a result of successful operation USAAF, the plane was shot down and Admiral Yamamoto died. "


This event built on the basis of this event, where the option to historical conditions: location, number and type of aircraft on both sides, the approximate rate of repetition, and so on were saved. Retreat from history is the significant reduction in the distance, as the flight time from both sides, and so is high (about one hour or more)


It should be noted immediately that the flight does not wear a sports bias as much flight time, and the complexity of the orientation in the open ocean, is determined as a realistic flight reconstruction, the initial conditions of a historical event.


The fact that more than double the quantitative superiority red team definitely brings more complexity to the complication of the conditions for the victory of the blue, but the presence of the radar of latest, and following the line of the historical ("Lightning" are no more than 100 meters above the water, and have the right to climb only after the visual detection of the enemy) slightly increases the chances of blue.

However, to win the first battle may not mean victory by red team, as a prerequisite, is returning to base, the red and pilots can be intercepted by enemy on the way back.



Game Version: 4.13 without mods.

Server Settings: full-real without speed bar.

Mode: dogfight. In the blue team is present radar with a range of 120 kilometers and altitude range of 100-5000 meters.


Participation in the event by appointment only.


The number of gaming sites is strictly limited to 14 red and 8 blue. In case of absence of one of the players, his place automatically switches to the backup player


Log in to the server with a password, which will be issued at TC before flight.







A6M5 with auxiliary fuel tanks - 6 units + 4 spares on the land Field, and 20 on the aircraft carrier.

G4M1-11 -2 + 2 spare unit.




P-38J with auxiliary fuel tanks - 14 units + 6 spares


The objectives of the Parties:




Deliver the Admiral Yamamoto, the end point of the route, and to cover his plane on the whole route.




Shoot down aircraft with Admiral Yamamoto. Shoot to kill the parachute jumpers


Rules departure:


-Prohibited the flight without communication via Teamspeak.

-Prohibited the destruction of friendly aircraft.

-Prohibited any actions that go beyond the script of event.

-Administration of the server, may apply to kick any player not adhere to the rules and plot flight described in this topic


Victory conditions:


Conquer blue - If Admiral Yamamoto's plane arrives at the base at the end point of the route, regardless of the loss of their fighters.

Conquer Red - If the plane shot down Admiral Yamamoto, and all jumped out with a parachute, shot and personnel losses red, do not exceed 70 percent. Failure to return to the base is regarded as the death of the pilot.

Draw - If shot down Yamamoto's plane with and paratroopers shot, but the losses exceed 70 percent of the red (there are less than 4 aircraft).


Scenario of the event:




After readiness of the entire group, two G4M1-11, and six A6M5, perform on the land off Field, the square AF51 (Bougainville Island) and follow a common formation -pair of "Betty", under the escort of the six "Zero", on a route scheme which will be issued to pilots of transport aircraft, before departure, at a speed of 300-310 km / h.

Flight altitude G4M1-11s is not more than 2000 meters, A6M5s-no more than 3,000 aircraft meters. One of G4M1-11s, carrying Admiral Yamamoto probation, must bear the side number 15

In the square AR37, double make flat land circled the runway, without reducing the height and follow further on the route .In square AR42 landing on land field

Shot dawn blue pilots are allowed to fly with the aircraft carrier base, groups of at least 3 aircraft to intercept enemy aircrafts.

Before the completion of the first combat, taking off from an aircraft carrier pilots blue is prohibited!




After readiness of the whole group to produce a takeoff on the basis of the square BG23 fourteen P-38J with external fuel tanks.

After collecting the entire group in the air near the base, follow the unified formation, towards the southern tip of the island of Bougainville, the rate of 310- 330 hdg where the detection of the enemy begin to start the key part of the job.

On the whole route, keep a height of not more than 100 meters above the sea level. Climbing is permitted only after establishing eye contact with the enemy. After the combat mission-return to base. During the return flight altitude is arbitrary.


The date of event will be published within days of 1-3h


Sample requests to participate:


Pilot’s nickname.

Side: red / blue.

Hull/ tail number.

With the rules of the event in detail familiarized.


P.S. Sorry for my English =) With best regards Alexander Krutov!!!

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